‘Two Up Pale Ale’ – It’s HERE!!!

Gday Guys and Girls,

Exciting times here, with the Launch of our Young Veterans ‘Two Up Pale Ale’ finally coming to fruition and hopefully coming to a tap near you.

It took several months and a lot of nay saying from various parties to get the Pale Ale up and running. But we all know servicemen and women as well as the vast majority of the Australian community don’t mind a cheeky cold beer in the company of good friends. And why shouldn’t we? Why not give back to the community whilst doing so…. sounds great right. Well, we thought so too, and so did Stevie from Albatross Brewing Co Mordialloc. So we assembled a team of Veterans of all ages and backgrounds into the Dandenong RSL one night and spoke about the flavours that we, as a veteran community would like to see in a Beer brewed specifically for us.

The concept design for Two Up Pale as pitched to us by Stevie and the team at Albatross.

The concept design for Two Up Pale as pitched to us by Stevie and the team at Albatross.

The following options came up.

– Like to be able to drink it on all occasions, and for a sustained period of time, like ANZAC Day.

– Ingredients to be from battlefields that Australians have served at.

– Be something not to different to what the ‘old and bolds’ drink, but with a modern flare

– Less of a hangover.

Well, we at Young Veterans are beer enthusiasts, but no Beer Experts, so we left it to the team at Albatross to come up with a battle plan. From our stipulations they have crafter a beer that will strike fear into the major beers of Australia. With all natural ingredients, no artificial ingredients to bloat you or give you that familiar ‘hangover’ feeling. A light colour and beautiful taste to ensure that no tastebuds miss out on being apart of the occasion. Now heres the kicker, to get ingredients from all over the world would be very difficult because usually they are paired from region to region, but Stevie and the team came up with something that we should pride ourselves on, all the ingredients are from Australia and New Zealand just as our forbearers the original ANZAC’s were. The name, Two Up Pale Ale, well… it speaks for itself really. The game played by the diggers which is only legally allowed to be played one day of the year, ANZAC Day.

Stevie making the first delivery of Two Up Pale Ale to Club Rouge in Bendigo

Stevie making the first delivery of Two Up Pale Ale to Club Rouge in Bendigo

With all of the hard work done by Stevie and the team, it was up to us to find somewhere to launch the beer, and we found just the spot.

Club Rouge in Bendigo’s ‘Viewpoint’ provided just the venue. ‘Brucey’ is a former member of the Australian Army himself and owns the trendy little bar in beautiful country Victoria. Just 50 minutes from Puckapunyal Military area, it gave us a chance to showcase our beer, in a community that supports the ADF. With Bendigo being the birthplace to ‘Thales Australias’ Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicle, the veteran community is strong.


Young Veterans ‘Two Up Pale Ale’ coming in cans soon!!

So we held a special ‘Two Up Pale Ale” launch night at Club Rouge and we had over 50 Veterans from different conflicts come say G’day and give their feedback on the beer, all of which was fantastic. We also raised our glasses for our mates still serving the country, and those that never got the chance to share the beer with us. It was quite an emotional ‘Cheers’ but one that we can all agree, is welcomed.




From that night, we now have Two Up Pale Ale in 9 locations in Bendigo and we want to see it go across Australia. Remember 10% of profits goes to Young Veterans which means we can keep helping each other and getting the #Veteranteam back out in our communities, stronger and more unified than ever.

If you’d like to get Two Up Pale Ale into your local RSL or Pub, send an email to the team at Albatross Brewing Co. Mordialloc and they will get the conversation happening.


REMEMBER ” Always drink responsibly and in the company of mates”



Til next time,

Stay Safe and Look after one another.


– Chris