Trip Coming Up

Gday Ladies and Gents (thought id change it up)

So the big trip, originally planned for 2014, has had its setbacks. With a lack of interest from sponsors and ESO’s, it was going to be a touch hard to get up and running. Since then, we have had some good support from RSL sub branches, small businesses and individual families, which in turn has brought us leaps and bound. We have persevered with our trip and we are glad to say, ‘ITS HAPPENING THIS YEAR!’

Anticipated step off is going to be sometime in June, actual date to be confirmed as we have to work it in with the wet season up on the cape and the re-opening of the tracks. We are going to set ourselves the challenge of being the first vehicles up the old telegraph road, but we need to de-conflict with parks up in QLD. I will be driving one of the rovers, I am yet to find the crews for the other 2, but we have a few names interested. We have numerous veterans around Australia who wish to tag along at some point, which we will keep updated via our social media and this blog. So, hopefully it wont be to quiet round the campfire.

In the meantime, we are looking at getting a few weekend day trips or fundraisers happening. We have a motorbike ride and drive up to Marysville RSL where we will get our (hopefully) completed support trailer functioning and operational for BBQ snags and rissoles. We have also been assisting ANZAC house with the launch of the ANZAC appeal and other events, I even had a chat with Merrick on triple M for the launch.

We have also gone and got our first batch of merchandise with shirts and jumpers being made up, we are looking at having them available on the website in the next week or so.

We are full steam ahead here at YV yet again, but this is merely the next step in our long journey.

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– Chris