The Stressful Bits

At times, we have nothing but stress trying to get this up and running. We have had people doubt our integrity and question our motives; it wasn’t until we finally got the assistance of the Dandenong RSL that we managed to take some steps towards success.

We have approached numerous external service organisations and asked them to sponsor us and we would gladly raise funds for them, but we have been addressed as “competition”. To hear these groups that spruik assistance to veterans yet, when called upon by veterans to assist veterans, our motives are questioned. Its disheartening to say the least.

Many people have messaged and emailed us saying that their local RSL is no good and they wouldn’t go there come hell or high water. The reason we have adopted RSL is not because of individual sub branches, but the legacy that goes with RSL, it is the league that was founded by WW1 veterans, with the intention of helping the next generation of veterans in a perpetual motion. We are now at the stage where we, as the next generation of veterans must keep that legacy alive. To remain resolute when tough times are met, to stand your ground, all the values we learnt from our time in the defence force.

Though we have had numerous sponsors pledge support to us, either with equipment or funds, and then knock us back when we ask them for it. We have gotten back up and fought for the end state, to get the trip to Cape York accomplished, to raise awareness amongst all the small RSL sub branches and Service associations on the importance of the leagues legacy. The trip will be going ahead, sponsored or not.

I’m not saying these things to upset anyone or call out other organisations, but I’m speaking from the point of view of a returned serviceman, who wishes to help people in similar situations, but keep getting told I cant. I’ve seen others had similar treatment and it did annoy me, this is merely my point of view.

In truth, one step at a time is not too much. We will get there.


– Chris