Mid Year Review

G’Day Ladies and Gentlemen,

So it’s mid year already, and we have been working hard on bringing RSL’s together and modernising as an entity. We have hit many roadblocks along the way but we continue the good fight as there are people out there who still need help.

So, why not pick up where we left off, Two Up Pale Ale.

This has been an interesting endeavour for the team with some highs and some lows. We have received praise for our ingenuity in the idea and concept, and we have also received harsh criticism. As someone who volunteers completely for Young Veterans who works full time, as all our volunteers do, it really has proven to be a challenge. Steve and the team at Albatross have also put in many man hours getting the beer brewed and delivered across the country and for all accounts, it has proven to be bring veterans together.


School of Artillery Sergeants mess members enjoying Two Up Pale Ale at the Broadford RSL

Next up on our mid year review – Project Perentie. This ex army land rover was designed to be a project car to be entered into the 2016 Outback challenge (held up in the Outback near Broken Hill). The concept behind the land rover was not the “RACE” itself, but the journey the veterans would take in working together to modify, build and engineer a working competitive vehicle. In the actual race, we would be the only team to be allowed to change positions with other crew. (Usually a team has a Driver and Navigator, we would have a trained and qualified driver with 7 veterans taking up the navigators spots over different stages).


Project Perentie getting a roll bar installed.

We look forward to getting Project Perentie out and about to show our progress and cant wait to get the old car back on dirt for the 2016 Outback Challenge.


Chris and Katie visited the 2016 Sunshine Coast Veterans Community Forum to present on contemporary veteran involvement in Ex Service Organisations across Australia. Other Keynote speakers also included researchers from the Gallipoli Medical and Research Foundation. William O’Chee speaking about veteran homelessness across Australia as well as other speakers from VVCS and DVA speaking about updates to their procedures and policies.

Co Founder Chris also got to speak to channel 7 news and ABC Radio about his experiences and how getting involved in his local community really helped his reintegration after his tours to Afghanistan.


Co Founder Chris speaking at the Sunshine Coast Veterans and Community Forum.


Chris and Katie also stopped in at ‘The Barracks Gym’ in Brisbane, where 2 veterans have started a gym assisting those out of defence maintain their physical wellbeing and those that are looking at joining defence to get the fitness required to succeed in their prospective military careers.


Katie speaking to Carly and Michael at ‘The Barracks Gym’ in Brisbane.

All in all, a good trip up north to speak to our tropical brothers and sisters in arms.


Until next time. Stay tuned.