• Gday Ladies and Gents (thought id change it up)

    So the big trip, originally planned for 2014, has had its setbacks. With a lack of interest from sponsors and ESO’s, it was going to be a touch hard to get up and […]

  • At times, we have nothing but stress trying to get this up and running. We have had people doubt our integrity and question our motives; it wasn’t until we finally got the assistance of the Dandenong RSL that we […]

  • ThumbnailG’day Guys and Girls,

    It took some time however with persistence we located our three Rovers, all of which we will introduce to you

    Firstly there is Secret Squirrel, he is an FFV the first of our three […]

  • G’Day Guys and Girls,

    First entry into the new website, pretty exciting stuff. On behalf of Scott, Sven and myself, I’d like to say thank you to everyone who has helped us out to get where we are now. A massive […]

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