Final Preparation

So since June we have had more ups and downs, but nothing the Young Veterans team couldn’t handle. We have only 5 Days until we depart the shrine of remembrance in Melbourne on a 5 week adventure all the way to the northernmost point of the Australian mainland.

Unfortunately, due to mechanical issues out of our control, we have had to drop the “Welshman” off of the trip. But don’t stress, we will find something for him to do whilst the other 2 cars make their way up north. As we will be towing our own, veteran-made support trailer, we decided to fit a turbo to the tow vehicle, otherwise we might need an extra week or two to reach the top.


We have engaged as many RSL sub branches along the way as we could possibly get too and have had some great feedback. We are locked in for school visits, presentations and catch ups with Sub-Branches about contemporary veteran issues as well as conducting a few other activities along the way.

Since our last blog, which seems like a long time ago (sorry, we have been flat stick), we have been out and engaging with the next generation of servicemen and women at the Australian Defence Force Academy in Canberra. Holding a double header AFL charity match day, two fantastic games of footy were held on a magnificent early Spring day in Canberra. The Australian Command & Staff College Honeybadgers had a convincing win over the Canberra Defence Old Boys and the ADFA Victorians had a close game, but came away with a win against the  ADFA All Stars.


A great day was had by all, even myself, who strapped the boots on for the Victorian team. Overall, we had a great day with ADFA raising over $6000.00 for Australia. It will go along way with the RSL.

Anyway, plenty of work to be done still in the next 5 days. Ill keep it short and make sure we get regular updates happening on the trip up north.

A reminder; If you know anyone who would like to bring their own car along on the trip, please feel free to get them in touch with us here at Young Veterans

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