2016 – It was here before we got to see it off!

G’Day All,

Firstly, my sincere apologies for falling off the radar with the website. The hustle and bustle of life just did what it does best and took control, like it does every year at christmas time. We still had a bit going on over Christmas on our other social media, but it was a bit quiet, so sorry for that.


So, 2016, Its here and its setting in quite rapidly. So what have we got on, thats the real question, and how can YOU get involved. We have got a few projects going on this year, with exciting times to come.

Project Perentie – Outback Challenge 2016

With the success of the Land Rovers making it to the Cape, we realised the potential for these magnificent work horses that have served the ADF so well for over 20 years. My brother Scott and I have an older brother, Jason, who raced in the last 2 Outback Challenges in his modified Nissan TD42. We used his network to speak to the organisers of the event to pitch an idea. We had the idea to enter a modified Land Rover 110 (within the safety specifications) into the event with the idea being that we have a crew of 10 people which rotate through the Driver and Navigator position each day. The aim of this was not to place, but to complete the event, because as we all know, it is the feat of accomplishment that veterans thrive on, not sitting back twiddling their thumbs.

With the organisers on board, we then set off to find out how much work we would need to do in order to get ready. It looks like, about 8 months work, which is just enough time to get ourselves sorted. Scott received permission to utilise the workshop of ‘Everthing 4WD’ in Cranbourne for modifications to begin on the car named ‘The Welshman’.

With Workshop nights occurring regularly, veterans are encouraged to come down and get their hands dirty, or help out where they can to get this project ready by October.


The ‘Welshman’ getting ready for his makeover!


Reamus Rover

With the idea for the Outback challenge rolling, we had a look around to see if something similar was happening somewhere else. We couldn’t find anything, until I was added to a closed group on facebook called Reamus Rover. Once in there, I discovered we were not alone, there were people racing a Series III land rover and a buggy. Scott quickly made the call to discover the bloke running it, was deployed to Iraq in 2007 with him as the ASM of the workshops.

After speaking with Ian, we found out, that they are having trouble finding crews to drive the race cars in Ipswich and would like to work with us to get a car ready for the Outback Challenge if we can help them find crews somewhere to race the Reamus cars.

So, If you’re interested in technical 4wd-ing like the Outback Challenge or have a hankering for fast paced 4WD Racing, get in touch and we can help cure that craving.


The Reamus Rover Team


Young ¬†Veterans ‘Two Up’ Pale Ale

If you’re familiar with servicemen and women, its no surprise they do enjoy a drink from time to time. Carlton United Breweries own Victoria Bitter, who does the Raise A Glass Campaign each year, roughly a month or so before ANZAC Day. A small portion of the proceeds ($1 per carton) goes into a fund raising account for the duration and at the end it is split evenly between Legacy and RSL. CUB seem to do alright out of this deal, and you know what, thats business. Its not my place to say how much anyone should get, but some people somewhere decided that was enough, production, marketing all the other stuff that goes along with it. But why couldn’t we do it year round.

We established a panel of veterans together to conduct a taste testing session with Steve from Albatross Brewing Co Mordialloc in Victoria to see what it is the veterans want. Turns out, its something refreshing, enjoyable and more so, able to be brewed by his team. So, now we have set in motion a project called Two Up Pale Ale.

Two Up Pale Ale will be released in 2016, with the aim to be shipped wherever people want it. To raise money and awareness for Veterans. Now, this has come with a bit of controversy, mostly due to the fact its alcohol.

We are not condoning the abuse of alcohol, we are not saying that if you are unwell drink it. What we are saying, is from experience, as Veterans who have been diagnosed with PTSD, overcame and continue to fight off the demons of our service, we still enjoy a drink or two with each other. We are aware there are many programs out there for veterans, but this is the problem: ‘Not every program is for the next man or woman’, meaning some people don’t want to Sail, or do Yoga, or climb a mountain, or go camping, and thats fine. Why pressure someone into doing something they don’t want to do, that just exacerbates the issue. As the saying goes, ‘you can lead a horse to water, but you cant make him drink’.

If its for you, thats cool, if not, thats cool too. We got your back no matter what.

Steve worked really hard at getting this right, we couldn’t have asked for a better bloke for the job, and if we can help his business out and raise money and awareness for veterans issues along the way that’s a win in our books.

Two Up

Two Up Pale Ale, coming to a store near you!


So far, that’s really about it. Remember to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram and keep up to date with our movements. We have a potential fishing charter coming up, a sailing day, and a few charity runs down to the Great Ocean Road to help those coming back from the fires.

If you have any ideas, or want to get something off the ground, email us at admin@youngveterans.com and lets make it happen.


Until Next time.